Everyday Heroes: The Faces of Natural Birth

I realized that so many women around me and in our society in general still believe that natural birth is something people do in the woods. That one has to be super crunchy, not shave her armpits and walk around barefoot. Women who believe this usually also believe Epidural is a part of normal birth and rarely consider intervention-free birth as they view it as something old-school.

When I was pregnant it actually happened to me a few times that people asked me if I was a hippie after learning about my wish for a natural birth without drugs, monitoring and the usual interventions.

I experienced two births – both were natural and beautiful, without drugs and routine interventions. And both times I was judged. Mostly because many people believe natural birth without beeping monitors is not “modern”. Let me tell you what modern is when it comes to birth – modern is to get familiar with the process, not fear the unknown. Modern is to educate yourself and know all your options. Modern is to orchestrate your birth and take charge of your own experience. Modern is to not blindly follow and do things someone else wants you to do. Modern is to do things YOU want to do – for yourself, for your baby, for your empowerment.

I would like to help remove the stigma surrounding natural birth. I want to expose us (naturally birthing women) to other women searching for their options in childbirth. I want them to see that one does not have to be a hippie to have a gentle birth. I want them to realize that it could be them too. I want them to know who we are and that we are just like them – modern and professional women with careers and degrees – educators, designers, engineers, lawyers, financial experts, students, real estate brokers, artists, business owners, accountants, heath care providers, managers, architects, social workers… We are the normal, everyday women just like them and if we could do it, so can they.

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I would like to thank all the wonderful women who participated in this project. I am connected by blood with a couple of them, I am privileged to share birth memories with some, I am honored to call some my friends, and some of these lovely women are kind strangers who wanted to support this little project of mine. I would have never been able to do it without you. You are amazing! THANK YOU!

I would like to acknowledge all women across the globe birthing their children naturally, without fear, drugs and interventions. You all know who you are and I want you to know you have my respect and love.

If you have experienced an empowering natural birth and would like to be featured in this project, please send me an email (Subject: The Faces of Natural Birth) with your picture and a brief description (if I receive just a picture without description, the image will be posted anonymously). Thank you in advance! 

Social media love: #TheFacesOfNaturalBirth #WomenAreStrong

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Bamboola Baby Every day heroes Faces of natural birth

1. Zuzana – planned home birth, mom of Matěj born naturally with the use of HypnoBirthing and with the assistance of her husband, doula and midwife, HypnoBirthing Educator and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist – www.GentleStepsUK.com (London, UK)

2. Cindy – mom of 2, museum publicist and blogger at www.coosandahhs.com, 2-hr water birth (NJ, USA)

3. Myani – mom of Leila, who was born after 23 hours of labor with the assistance of an awesome birth team consisting of her husband, mother, and birth doula Cherie (NJ, USA)

4. Amber – certified nurse-midwife and mother of two children, who were both born at home (USA)

5. Laney – mom of Theodore “Teddy” who was born after 15 hours of natural labor (NJ, USA)

6. Martina – mom of 3 wonderful boys, all born naturally (NY, USA)

7. Jessica – nurse, midwife, mom to 2 home-born boys, In Due Season Homebirth (NJ, USA)

8. Elizabeth – mom of Landon, small business owner – Hazel Baby and Hound About Town, founder of The Jersey City ProjectReal Estate Agent (NJ, USA)

9. Heather – attorney, mom of Ava who was born after 29 hours of natural labor (NY, USA)

10. Dhyana – birthed my two beloved daughters at home, with the amazing support of doulas, midwives and my darling husband (USA)

11. Lindsey – mom to Sydney and Parker, both born naturally at home with our midwife and doula (NJ, USA)

12. Jess – urban mama and entrepreneur (NJ, USA)

13. Natálie – mom of 2 children – daughter born naturally in a hospital and son born peacefully at home (Czech Republic)

14. Jenny – director of Spa and Member Services, mom of 2 – Marisol born at home all natural after 42 hours labor, Lorenzo born in hospital (only because I was on blood thinners) all natural birth after 22 hours labor (NJ, USA)

15. Zuzana – mom of Simona (Czech Republic)

16. Maria – mom of 3, homebirth/waterbirth followed by a natural twins birth, massage therapist and birth doula (NJ, USA)

17. Eva – mom of 2 boys, natural hospital birth (USA)

18. Patrice – I’ve given birth in the hospital (no epidural), freestanding birth center, homebirth with midwife and months ago, I gave birth to my son, at home, unassisted. Christian unschooling mom of 3 beauties and a handsome little guy, Herbal Product business owner, Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Author, Coloratura Soprano, Empowered To Birth Naturally (USA)

19. Felicitas – PhD student, wife, and mom to Emilia born in a tub in our living room. We switched from an OBGYN to our home birth midwives at 32 weeks. (USA)

20. Nwandi – TV producer & host. Business owner. MBA. Wife. Mother of two daughters who nursed for two years each, wore cloth diapers, dined on homemade food, and snuggled in slings while I interviewed politicians and authors.  Woman who gave birth to her second child reverently and peacefully at home and emailed the post “A Mother Has Given Birth” two hours later. (USA)

21. Alice – mom of 2 girls, natural caul birth (NY, USA)

22. Jill – mom of Caroline, born after 21 hours of natural labor (NJ, USA)

23. Monika – mom of Jolana who was born naturally in a hospital (Czech Republic)

24. Veronika – mom of 2 boys (one hospital birth – NY, USA, one home birth – NJ, USA), birth doula (DONA), childbirth educator (Lamaze), nursery designer, engineer, former Etsy seller, natural mama, breast-feeder, baby-wearer, co-sleeper, coffee addict and chocolate abuser. www.BamboolaBaby.com

25. Elishka – proud mum of two, first: 18 hours natural birth, second: 8 hours natural home birth, altogether 2,5 years of breast feeding. (London, UK)

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NOTE: The above image or its parts may not be used without permission.

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