Nursery Design

Whether they get a room of their own or a small space in your bedroom, it should be beautiful. Soothing, yet playful. It should stimulate their senses and their endless curiosity, but not overstimulate. Most importantly, it should be THEIRS – their place to hide and feel safe, their place to dream and cuddle, their place to giggle and play.

Chances are you have a vision of how you would like your child’s space to look or you fell in love with a piece of art/furniture/accessory which inspired you — you just have no idea where to begin. Bamboola Baby can help you by creating an electronic design board tailored to your vision, lifestyle and budget. It will display design inspiration, from furniture to accessories (such as rugs, curtains, pillows and art) to wall paint. I pride myself on finding unique pieces, handmade and eco-friendly whenever possible, and always in your budget. You will also receive a list of product links so you know where to find all of the items from the design board. Sample design boards are displayed below. To get started, email me and we will go from there.

{design packages}

Child’s Bedroom – $300 (you will obtain your design board within 2 weeks after receiving all requested information and payment)

Child’s Space – $150 (you will receive your design board within 1 week after receiving all requested information and payment)

Both packages are digital and we can communicate via email, so it doesn’t matter whether you live near or far.

{sample design boards}

Mod Boys’ Bedroom, ages 5 and 9.

Color Scheme: Grey with pops of Teal, Fuchsia, Orange, Mustard + Black & White

Design Inspiration:  wall art (item # 5)

Must-haves: bunk beds + comfortable sofa + unique art

Bamboola Baby Nursery Interior Design Board 2014-01-A4

Nature-inspired Baby Girl’s Nursery.

Color Scheme: Orchid, Navy, Brown, White + natural elements (wood & wool)

Design Inspiration: nature and mom’s & dad’s favorite colors (orchid and navy)

Must-haves: chandelier + embroidery art + comfortable rocker

Bamboola Baby Design Board 2014-01-Baby Girl Nursery

Polka-dot Unisex Twin Nursery (on a tight budget).

Color Scheme: Taupe + brights accents (rainbow colors)

Design Inspiration: this picture

Must-haves: affordable furniture + “same but different” bedding for a boy and a girl + lots of storage for clothes, baby essentials, books and toys + lots of colorful polka-dots

Bamboola Baby Interior Design Board Unisex Twin Nursery 2014-01-C2-002

Whimsical Woodland Baby Girl’s Nursery.

Color Scheme: White + Grey + colors from the rug

Design Inspiration: Floral Rug (item #6) size 8′ x 5′

Must-haves: incorporate already purchased pieces and add: storage for books and toys, side table, throw pillow & blanket (for the glider), more art (including typography art with favorite quotes and some embroidery hoops), curtains and bedding

nursery design bamboola baby baby girl whimsical woodland

 Nola’s Big Girl Room.

Color Scheme: Monochrome + pops of color (esp. peach)

Design Request:  “Nola’s room is the smallest room in our house but we want it to have a lot of personality. Because that’s Nola. We definitely want the room to reflect her fun, cheerful personality while sticking to the monochrome color scheme of our home (is that possible??). Basically, we want it to be a beautiful (yet functional) room. A place for her to not only sleep, but also a place for her to read (she LOVES books), dance (she LOVES dancing), do art (she LOVES to draw and do crafty things)… She’s a girly girl and loves soft tones of pink and orange (peach is fine with me but please stay away from pink). I love the idea of different walls and lots of whimsical art pieces. Her built-in closet is pretty small, so we’ll definitely need a dresser and some book/toy storage if possible – that would be great! We’re super excited to see the design and transform this dull room into HER awesome space!”

Design Solution: Nola’s getting a very cool metal bed in black, topped with black & white stripy bedding and a pile of handmade pillows. The bed sits in the left corner of the room and both of the walls the bed touches are going to be white with black polka-dots. Next to the bed is a green night stand with a black lamp. Next to the night stand (and under the window) is a low bookcase in white. The window curtains consist of two thick, room-darkening panels in peach. On the right side of the window (in another corner of the room) is a black floor lamp, beaming over a large black pouf – a cozy place for Nola to read. Next to the pouf is a beautiful white dresser, and then comes a small children-sized white table with a black chair where Nola can draw, write and create. The wall above the pouf/dresser/table is white and features unique handmade art and fun metal letters spelling Nola’s name. The small table is in a corner of the room – where the white art wall meets a black chalkboard wall – an additional space for Nola to draw, write and express herself. There’s just enough space on the bottom of this wall (between the small table and a built-in closet) for a couple of cloth baskets to hold Nola’s toys. A large colorful rug in the center of the room makes a statement while keeping those dancing toes warm.

Bamboola Baby - Nursery - Design Board - Nola's Room

Nola’s Room Sketch:

Nola's Room (plan B)

More design boards coming up soon.

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