Upcoming classes

No group classes are scheduled at this time. For private childbirth education, please contact me.

{due dates}

Childbirth education should start early, ideally before your last trimester to allow yourself enough time to choose the right caregiver and subsequently the right place of birth based on your wishes (i.e. if you choose water as your birthing environment), and to allow yourself enough time for mental preparation for labor (i.e. if you choose hypnobirthing as a coping technique). However, I say late is always better than never.


I would like to keep these classes intimate: 3 – 5 couples.

One thought on “Upcoming classes

  1. Hi,
    I’m urgently 26 weeks pregnant and am interested in your next upcoming Lamaze class.
    Please let me know when it might be scheduled.
    Thank you,

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