One of my greatest goals as a doula is to help my clients realize that they are powerful, strong and completely capable to give birth to their babies. On their own, without anyone’s help. I hope for them to become empowered and confident, not dependent on anyone – their doctor, midwife, me… It’s hard, but with Ivona – it happened. She grew more and more confident during our prenatal appointments and eventually, she just knew she could do it. She knew what to do, when and how. Needed no guidance. Seeing her give birth completely on her own, as nature intended, was the greatest reward I could have ever asked for.

image1-6“I could not wish for a better childbirth and Veronika has been absolutely amazing. I highly respect her for how she helps women gain confidence and achieve the great experience that childbirth is meant to be.

I approached Veronika when I was already set on natural birth. Her experience and encouragement were invaluable. She customized her private classes to accommodate my knowledge and schedule and above all, her evidence based and data driven instruction convinced also my husband that natural birth is the optimal approach, not some middle aged invention.

She was able to achieve what every good mentor aims for – empowerment; she empowered me to such an extent that I didn’t need her in the end. When I came into labor, I knew what I was doing and trusted my body. When fear and weakness started to creep in, my husband knew how to step in and give me the needed confidence. I labored at home and arrived to the birthing center only for the last 40 minutes. No drugs, no doctors, just very intimate atmosphere. Beautiful experience with a beautiful baby at the end. Thank you Veronika.”

– Ivona B.

What is the best feedback from my Private Lamaze Childbirth Education clients? This email:

“Hi Veronika!

I hope your trip is going well!

[My husband] and I would like to introduce you to our little boy HudsonHudson was born on July 5 at 1:13 PM.

It was thanks to all the time and energy you spent with us that a natural birth as possible! I was able to labor at home for 12 hours. By the time we went to the hospital, I was 5 cm dilated. He was born five hours later!

[My husband] was an incredible birth partner! He never left my side and squeezed my hips, just like you showed him, (a life saver!) for every contraction until the end!

We are all now home, recovering well, and adjusting to the new live with Hudson!

Thank you again for imparting your incredible knowledge and experience!  We can’t wait for you to meet our little boy!!!”

– Hudson’s  Mommy

Sometimes, a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. I received this beautiful collage from a client of mine – she and her husband completed my Private Lamaze Childbirth Education at the end of summer 2014. The new mommy-to-be was very determined to have a peaceful, natural, un-medicated birth with the support of her loved ones. And she did just that. Birth story coming soon!

Rowan Bridget Birth Collage

Here’s a very sweet message I received from a client of mine – after days of pre-labor, several sleepless nights and one non-encouraging doctor who didn’t believe in her, she gave birth to her daughter naturally – because she discovered her strength and capability and knew she could do it. She believed in herself, her husband believed in her and so did I. What could have easily resulted in a cascade of interventions ended as a peaceful, natural and very empowering birth.

“You really are amazing. From the pre birth visits to the birth support and after birth help, you were phenomenal, I don’t know if I can thank you enough. Nick and I keep reminding ourselves that choosing you was the best decision we made, we are very happy that you were part of our daughter’s birth story.”

– Rudy C.

Another beautiful natural birth attended by a midwife at Morristown hospital. Congratulation to my client, Laney, who was so unbelievably strong and focused through it all. She switched to the midwifery practice delivering at this hospital when her baby was officially term, barely 3 weeks before her due date – mama’s instinct never fails, she simply knew this is what she had to do to have the calm, low-intervention, peaceful birth she had wanted. Her son, Teddy (what a cute nickname!!) was born after 15 hours of natural labor. I was very proud of her handling her strong waves so bravely and beautifully. The new parents were my doula clients and also attended my Spring 2014 {Fearless Mama Gentle Birth} Lamaze childbirth classes. I received this heart-warming email a few days after their son’s birth:

“Veronika – I am obsessed with everything you’ve provided. I know we talked about you taking pictures and video but I had no idea you took more than just my delivery. The pictures/videos are absolutely priceless and I will cherish them and the absolutely BEAUTIFUL birth story you wrote for Teddy below. I honestly can say I don’t think any other doula could have provided me with the confidence, energy, strength and courage that helped me achieve the birth I always wanted. You and Steve were so amazing and patient with me and I know I could not have have done it without you both. I have watched my birth video and read my birth story over and over and I am so grateful things turned out the way they did, despite a few unplanned bumps! I’m so lucky to have found you many months ago and that you decided not to leave for Prague until July. We knew from the minute we met you that you were the doula we wanted. Thank you for being right there for me every step of the way and for being such an important part of the best day of my life this far.”

Laney V.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Caroline! She was born after 20 hours of natural labor – peaceful, calm, intimate, beautiful labor filled with soothing showers and gentle kisses. Her mom was so strong!! I’m still in awe how relaxed she was – she owned every piece of her labor. I’m so proud of her and so happy and humbled to have witnessed such a miraculous moment. The new parents were my doula clients and also attended my December 2013 {Fearless Mama Gentle Birth} Lamaze childbirth classes. I received this sweet text the morning after their daughter’s birth:

“I still can’t put into words all my feelings about Caroline’s birth. It was the hardest and the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m so happy and proud I had the birth experience I wanted, thank you for all you did to make that happen! It was so empowering to have you by my side the whole time.”

– Jill B.

Bamboola Baby Natural Birth Morristown Hospital Doula Lamaze

Read Caroline’s birth story.

A baby girl was born after 34 incredible hours of labor – a beautiful, peaceful labor full of music, slow dancing, hypnobirthing, baths & showers, candle light, kisses and a whole lot of love. This amazing new mom rocked my world, she was so calm, so relaxed, so focused and so strong. She never complained and remained positive, despite not sleeping for 3 consecutive nights and laboring all night, all day, and then another night. I am so proud of her and her husband, what a beautiful birthing team! I’m so happy I was privileged to be a part of their baby’s birth. The new parents were my doula clients and also attended my December 2013 {Fearless Mama Gentle Birth} Lamaze childbirth classes. The new mom sent me the loveliest email two days after her daughter’s birth (all names were removed to respect the privacy of my clients).

“Thank you so much for all the continued guidance you provided me and [my husband] in your classes, visits, via text, etc. As we expected – your insight was absolutely invaluable. Having your beautiful spirit with us on our journey helped to provide me with such a great deal of additional comfort and strength exactly when I needed it most. Your presence empowered me AND [my husband] and was instrumental in bringing our daughter into the world in a comfortable, knowledgeable, sacred, protected and loving environment. We’re looking forward to having you by our side for our next journey.”

– Baby A’s Mom

An expectant dad reflecting on their search for a midwife and a hospital allowing water birth:

“Dear Veronika, Thank you! Actually your website has been a real godsend for us and we have been using it as a guide of sorts… We would love to work with you as your website is phenomenal and has helped us so much.”

They did work with me – I was not available for their due date, but they attended my Spring 2014 {Fearless Mama Gentle Birth} Lamaze classes. And then, months later, I received one more heart-warming email from him:

“Hi Veronika. Our baby came this morning healthy at 7 lbs. Tiff labored for a good 11 hours. Thanks for all your advice and tips and stories. Your class really helped us get through this.”

One of the moms-to-be who attended my December 2013 {Fearless Mama Gentle Birth} childbirth classes just became a mommy – congrats to her and her husband for their precious little peanut. She sent me the most wonderful emails and the cutest pictures just a few days after she gave birth. She did an amazing job and I am unbelievably proud of her!

“I cannot thank you enough for giving me the knowledge, power and strength to get through what I did… You are the pure reason I could. You totally empowered me and gave me the strength.  I owe it to you and my mom who was amazing, you would have been proud… I meant every single word and you should know that. It’s because of what you taught me–that I was able to do it.”

– Baby A’s  Mom

One of my lovely doula clients, whom I now consider a dear friend, has recently left this amazing feedback with DONA International. I was very moved by that, to say the least. I should also mention that she was my very first doula client and she is what I call a Rockstar Mama who had a beautiful birth and breastfed her son for a full year despite returning back to work after 3 months. She’s an amazing mom to her little guy and she has the sweetest heart.

“Veronika is very knowledgeable on the last studies regarding natural births which is something I did not consider until I met her.  She is also well versed in what to expect should a client prefer to have an epidural or cesarean which is what I was considering before speaking with her.  After meeting with her I felt more informed and powerful than ever.

Veronika is very passionate about the natural birth process and empowering women with information to make the best choices for themselves and their babies.  She educated me on certain forms of medical intervention like how multiple ultrasounds, Pitocin and the breaking of water could be unnecessary and potentially harmful.  In my experience, I believe Veronika simply armed me with information so that I may question my healthcare provider’s intentions for performing certain treatments.  What I learned from Veronika is that there are many controversial practices that the layperson just accepts but has the right to refuse.

Veronika is extremely self aware, creates an open communication vibe and has always solicited feedback. She was professional at all times during my delivery.  This was the first birth she attended and she partnered with my husband and made sure I was as comfortable as possible during this process. She was upbeat and positive with the healthcare professionals I saw her interact with. I would say anyone who would have the pleasure to work with Veronika should consider themselves very lucky.  I have already recommended her.”

– Baby R’s Mom


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