Gender specific nursery design without stereotyping

When designing a gender specific nursery, you have to be ultra careful not to create a pink & purple disaster or a blue & brown catastrophe. I don’t understand the whole pink and blue craze. It seems like everything from toys to clothes in the big-box stores is either pink-and-lavender or blue. That’s exactly why I stick to the handmade market. Seriously, the color of pink should only be administered in small doses, otherwise it’s just tacky. What happened to yellow, and green, and orange and all the other colors? Yes, you can use them all and still create a beautiful and stylish gender specific nursery. The word stylish is a key word here. Anything that’s only pink or only blue will never ever reach stylish. Get inspired by the colors of the rainbow and have fun with it.

:: GIRLS ::

{natural elements & grey}

Combining natural elements such as exposed bricks, wood and bamboo with soft tones of grey creates a very calming and timeless design. Finish the look with a few girly pieces – in this case, just three items bring the color of pink to the room – the light pink teddy bear, the flower dress, and the magenta flowers. This room is elegant and sophisticated, yet still remains playful and girly.

{mint & coral}

This is exactly what I mean by completely eliminating pink and replacing it with other girly color – in this case it’s a lovely shade of coral. Same rule applies – do not over do it with girly colors. Here, the use of coral is perfect as it has only been used on a few decorative pieces. The mint, almost light turquoise wall color beautifully compliments the overall design. And I also love the pops of black and white on the art work and on the chevron rug. Gorgeous.

{eclectic mix of colors}

If you can’t decide which color you want to go with, use them all. This beautiful nursery features light blue walls, green armchair, yellow rug, orange on curtains and fuchsia on wall art. It’s cheerful, cozy and very girly.

{aqua & yellow}

And perhaps your want to avoid the “girly” colors altogether. This is the perfect example of creating a girly nursery without the use of colors traditionally associated with girls. No pink, no lavender, no coral, no fuchsia. Just aqua walls and yellow accents. It is fresh and airy and somehow still manages to look very girly thanks to all the small finishing touches such as the handmade fabric hoops.

:: BOYS ::

{mint & brights}

Mint green walls, as you can see, work great for both girls and boys. I’m in love with all the bright colors and fun accessories they used – the green lamp, the red robot, the yellow abacus base, the orange chair, and the black chalkboard – very clever. This room is fun and engaging and I bet every little boy would love a space like that.

{grey & green & blue}

Grey is a wonderful neutral and soothing color. Using it on the wall art is such a fun and cute idea. The green and blue accents balance the room beautifully and create a modern and fun environment for a little animal lover.

{natural tones & orange}

I love the idea behind this nursery – the natural elements create a very calming and cozy space – love the old wooden door behind the crib, the natural rug and the cream armchair. The orange accents bring the design to life. Very cool.

{fuchsia & yellow}

Just like some might be underwhelmed by pink and purple, you might feel the same way about all the colors traditionally associated with boys. Except for the pale bluish-grey walls, there is no blue or green to be found. As a matter of fact, they did the complete opposite. The fuchsia rug adds some serious pop of color. I also love the yellow giraffe wall art and the black and white accents. Very French-chic. Très magnifique!

However you decide, please keep one rule in mind – use pink and blue only in small doses and avoid stereotyping to prevent exactly this – it’s like pink and blue exploded all over these kids’ rooms. Horrific.

{oh hell no}


Pictures via links provided in above descriptions.

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