Our recent visit to Prague, Czech Republic

Hi everyone. I’ve been quiet for a while and now I’m back. Here’s a little photo post showing a few images from our recent trip to Prague, which I adore. I love going back to my country, particularly to its capital which is gorgeous and super romantic.

We stayed in a boutique Hotel Neruda – a charming historical building from 1348. It’s right by the Prague Castle which is a pretty incredible location – the views of Prague from the Castle and the surrounding Gardens are spectacular. The hotel was awesome, I highly recommend. Very chic, very clean, and very friendly staff. The view from our room was marvelous – lovely historical townhouses on a famous cobble stone road, former Kings Road, directly leading to the King’s castle…

Hubby and I enjoyed some Czech beer, Kam had to stick to the OJ…

Refreshed, we walked up to the Prague Castle and the whole Heart of Europe spread itself in front of us…

We walked through the Prague Castle around the amazing St. Vitus Cathedral…

Then we went around the Golden Lane to the Gardens…

And through it all I was wearing my new vintage sunglasses

PS: Let me make a shout out to Metropolitan Bistro – Vegetarian & Vegan Fine Dining, a lovely restaurant located inside the Hotel Neruda building. If you guys are planning a trip to Prague, make sure to stop by and taste their yummy dishes. Remember, it’s on your way to the Prague Castle, you can’t miss it.

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