10 cool inventions and DIY ideas to bring your kids’ room to life

Hi everyone, I’m back. Our European adventure had some dramatic ending when I spent 5 night in the hospital with my son, but thank goodness he got better and we were able to fly back home to daddy. Of course, it is my luck that I was attacked by some awful cold and felt the worst the day of the flight. So I sat in the tight seat for ten hours with my head ready to burst and my almost 2-year old wiggly son in my lap and wanted nothing but to lie down in my bed. Or some bed. Anywhere. The flight was fully booked, by the way. Nightmare.

Two bottles of antibiotics and endless tea with honey later I can finally say we are feeling better now and I am slowly emerging from my sick shell and venturing back to the virtual world. I even checked my Facebook and Twitter after ages, and re-opened my handmade shop. And here I am finally writing another blog post. This time I’m feeling very inspired by all the creative people out there who come up with some pretty cool ideas for kids. I thought I’d share some of these impressive inventions and creative DIY ideas with you, just in case you are looking for some inspiration to bring a breath of fresh air into your little one’s space.

{decorative painted sticks by Bonjour Frenchie}

{tree bookshelf by Shawn Soh}

{kiddo mobile by Nika Zupanc}

{japanese EVA chair by studio h220430}

{colorful bed legs by Amelie N}

{chalkboard table and benches by The Homemaking Cottage}

{paper ornaments by Paul+Paula}

{parisian play food market by Kate’s Creative Space}

{fun caravan pillows by Ma Mamie Hippie}

{3-in-1 little frog by Klinko}

This one is pretty awesome – not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s a reading chair, lounge chair, and a play table in one!

2 thoughts on “10 cool inventions and DIY ideas to bring your kids’ room to life

  1. Love the chalkboard table idea. My 2-year-old would love that since she already tries to get away with drawing on regular tables!

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