Belly growth during pregnancy

My baby turned two almost a month ago. How is this possible? And while I was drowning in memories of his birth and my pregnant belly it suddenly hit me that I had no idea where my pregnant belly pictures were! I started a frantic search through my laptop and my external drive but couldn’t find them. They must be on the old desktop no one has turned on for over a year, flashed through my mind. I turned the old guy on (took about 30 minutes) and found them!! So here they are. In case you are pregnant and wondering how is this growing baby going to fit… Notice the huge difference between week 20 and 24. I didn’t really show in the first half of my pregnancy but the second half – wowzers!! The belly got huge! No wonder – it carried an 8lb 3oz chubby baby boy whom I love with all my heart and soul.


{12 weeks}

{16 weeks}

{20 weeks}

{24 weeks}

{28 weeks}

{32 weeks}

{36 weeks}

{38 weeks} … one week before giving birth

{one week after giving birth}


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