DIY Bow Ornaments for your Christmas Tree – affordable & super easy – no sewing involved

If you (like me) cannot find the right color and texture of bows for your Christmas tree, you might just want to make them yourself – forget average polyester ribbons in boring shades of scarlet red, forest green and the traditional gold and silver. You can make unique, natural-looking bows in any color you want while staying on a budget. And the best part – you don’t have to be into arts and crafts at all – no sewing or stitching is required and each bow takes about 1 minute to make. As long as you can handle scissors and tie a knot, you’re good to go. And if you have bigger kids then it’s a great way to get them involved.

{things you need}

All you need are these 3 things: scissors, a string of your choice (I went with natural wool string, but anything will do – jute string, any natural string, or even a thin ribbon), and felt of your choice (I went with shades of fuchsia/magenta, raspberry red and oatmeal).

DIY Christmas Tree Bow Ornaments

Whatever your color scheme for this Christmas, I am sure you can find felt in those colors. If you don’t have any felt lying around, try local arts and crafts stores or turn to the online crafty community on Etsy – you can get five 9″ x 12″ wool felt sheets for as low as $7.50 (+3.50 shipping). This is enough for 90 medium bows (3″ x 2″) or 40 large bows (4.5″ x 3″). I did medium and small bows, different sizes. If you were to buy 90 bows in a store, you’d spend way over $11 and you’d lose all the unique character.

{step 1}

Cut a piece of string and a rectangular piece of felt (I did random sizes, but feel free to do exact sizes if you like precision).

DIY Christmas tree bow ornaments

{step 2}

Wrap the string tightly three times around the middle of the felt piece and then tie the stings to a tight knot.

DIY Christmas tree bow ornaments

{step 3}

If your knot is in the back/front of the bow, move the string around the felt so that the knot is on the top of the bow – like this:

DIY Christmas tree bow ornaments

{step 4}

Make another knot a couple of inches away from the first knot.

DIY Christmas tree bow ornaments

{step 5}

Cut the leftover strings and ta da: a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree has been born!

DIY Christmas tree bow ornaments

Keep doing it and soon you’ll have a whole bunch of these darlings. Happy Holidays!

DIY Christmas tree bow ornaments………………………………



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