Neutral & white nurseries perfect for both genders

It’s been a while since I posted anything on nursery design. My last post was about gender specific nursery design without stereotyping. This time I am posting 24 inspirational pictures for those who are not finding out the sex of their baby and are designing a gender-neutral nursery. The wall color to go with is anything from white to light grey or any other light natural tones. Adding a pop of color is a great way to bring the room to life or eventually personalize the space based on your future baby’s gender (you can have your neutral nursery ready way ahead of time, you can always buy colorful gender-specific accessories later). Below you can find:

  • 4 nursery designs featuring white walls & white-and-brown furniture
  • 4 nursery designs featuring white walls & grey furniture
  • 4 nursery designs featuring white walls & white furniture
  • 4 nursery designs featuring grey & yellow color combination
  • 4 nursery designs featuring grey & orange color combination
  • 4 bonus nursery designs featuring black-and-white wall/floor & brights, and bright decals & green


Simplicity = beauty. White walls and natural furniture in white and rich brown tones is the perfect example of a gorgeous and timeless gender-neutral nursery. It’s very easy to personalize the space later on with any color you want – like a girly decorative pillow or art in the first picture, a bright teal glider in the second picture, or a pink blanket in the third picture. Or – you don’t have to add any gender-specific colors at all.

{design # 1}

Gender neutral nursery

{design # 2}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 3}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 4}

Gender neutral nursery


If you are not a fan of brown-toned furniture, go with grey – it’s a stylish gender-neutral color and just like the nurseries above, white & grey nurseries can be easily brightened and personalized based on your baby’s gender once the baby arrives (like they did in the fourth picture, for example). Or you can just leave it clean and simple like they did in the first picture. FYI, for those of you wondering, the first two gender-neutral nurseries became boy nurseries, and the other two became girl nurseries.

{design # 5}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 6}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 7}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 8}

Gender specific nursery


And then there are people who want to avoid any kind of color and like to keep things super simple – in this case, white wall paint combined with white furniture is the way to go. There’s nothing easier than picking the right color of art work once your little darling makes his/her appearance. Everything goes with white.

{design # 9}

Gender neutral nursery

{design # 10}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 11}

Gender neutral nursery

{design # 12}

Gender specific nursery


There’s another group of people who want to have the nursery 100% done, including all accessories, before their baby is born. Yellow & grey is a wonderful color combination perfect for both boys and girls. So go ahead and furnish AND accessorize the room now. And if you feel extra creative, go ahead and play with the wall paint – chevron and triangles in various shades of grey look pretty awesome.

{design # 13}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 14}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 15}

Gender neutral nursery

{design # 16}

Gender neutral nursery


If yellow is too mellow for you, try orange. Bright orange accents look amazing with soft grey tones – you can go bold with carpets or curtains, or use orange on smaller items like decorative pillows, blankets and art. To make everything more interesting, don’t be scared to spice up your grey paint – light greenish grey or blueish grey paint colors look amazing. Or have fun with stripes! And again, the room can be ready before the baby’s arrival because these colors are great for both genders.

{design # 17}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 18}

Gender neutral nursery

{design # 19}

Gender neutral nursery

{design # 20}

Gender neutral nursery


Black-and-white is a wonderful combo which looks amazing with bright colors. Whether you dedicate the feature wall or the floor to your black-and-white combo, you will create a unique design, guaranteed. This black-and-white mushroom wallpaper looks really cool. And the black-and-white zebra carpet is not bad either. They are fun and neutral and look amazing with all kinds of bright colors. Again, a wonderful way to finish your nursery design before your baby’s arrival. Have fun and mix and match these cute accessories.

{design # 21}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 22}

Gender neutral nursery


Green is a fun and cheerful gender-neutral color. And putting a decal on a white wall adds a lot of character (and since decals are removable, you can easily replace them once you get tired of them). You can have your room ready before your baby arrives and it will work great for either a boy or a girl. Ours was a boy (last picture).

{design # 23}

Gender specific nursery

{design # 24}

Gender neutral nursery (decal, green)

4 thoughts on “Neutral & white nurseries perfect for both genders

  1. Really nice roundup! I’m dying to find that teal glider in picture #2. Do you know where it’s from, or can you tell me where the photo is from? Thank you!

  2. Just beautiful – so stunning especially the first image and the mid-century one. I think it’s fun to keep it neutral and add pops of colour, texture and pattern – also helps the nursery grow with the child. I think I’ll be repinning a lot of these brilliant ideas.

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