Welcome to this world, Sebastián!

Those of you who come regularly probably noticed I have been MIA for the past few weeks. I have three reasons for it. The first one is wonderfully beautiful – I gave birth to my second son in our home one early Thursday morning in March (home birth story coming up soon). Second reason behind my non-appearance sucks – I have suffered Bell’s Palsy 10 days after giving birth and ended up in the hospital for 48 hours … which you can imagine sucks even more when you breastfeed your newborn exclusively (more on my Bell’s Palsy & breastfeeding experience coming up soon). And the third reason is pure incompetence to do anything else but being a mom of a breastfed newborn and a busy & active 2-year old. Clearly, I am a bit overwhelmed but I am sure things will improve with time – by “things” I mean the right side of my face will start moving and I will adjust to my new role as a mom of two. In the mean time, my dad came to the rescue and flew across the Atlantic to help for a full month – he spends a lot of time with Kamar which in itself is huge and I am thankful for that. God knows how I am ever going to get out of the house once he leaves – it took us 3 hours yesterday to get out of the door and I looked a mess (the crooked face certainly added to my crazy appearance). Scary thought – when Kamar starts preschool this September, we have to leave at 8am – I better get used to waking up at 5…

Anyway, enough about me – let me introduce my son Sebastián – he is such a sweetheart and his big brother loves him, he kisses him on his head and touches his hair gently, which melts my heart… I am still emotionally high from my home birth experience, it was amazing and I would love to thank my wonderful husband for endless support, my midwife Jessica Lawlor (who didn’t make it because she was with another laboring woman and my labor was very fast), and to Kasey DiVine – a lovely midwife who rushed to us all the way from Warren county and delivered Sebastián (literally, 30 minutes after she stepped into our apartment). I would also like to thank my wonderful family who came to help with the newborn baby and then again when I was rushed to the hospital 10 days later – thank you all, we really appreciate all your help!

Bamboola Baby Home Birth

Now our True Prince has Little King to play with.

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