My heart is broken and my soul is shaken. Kaden Stone passed away on Monday. He was just 3 weeks old. He was born on August 5th 2013 and I am sure there was happiness and joy. And then the unthinkable happened – his poor parents found out his heart was attacked by a deadly virus. He was fighting for life. As tiny as he was, he was fighting hard. And so were his parents. Thousands of people prayed with them. Even I prayed and I don’t usually do that. But it didn’t work. He went to heaven to join his baby brothers who passed away last year.

I can hardly imagine what this poor mother is going through. The sharp pain must be numbing, overwhelming and so so deep, leaving a void nothing can ever fill. There is no sense in anything that just happened.

Please stop saying it was God’s plan and that they are now with God and that’s good because there’s nothing good about this. Their big sister never gets to play with them. Their daddy never gets to kick the ball with them. Their mommy never gets to take them home… nurse them… cuddle with them…

It’s not fair that they didn’t get a chance in life. They deserved to live. All babies deserve to live. They are innocent. They didn’t do anything bad or wrong so why so many of them have to die? God’s plan?! Bullshit. Why would God want to cause so much pain? Why would he let so many mothers bury their babies? I think of Diana and all my friends who drove home from the hospital with an empty car seat and my heart wants to burst into million pieces for them. If there was God these babies would be spared, they would live to grow and laugh and play and date and get married… I want to scream at God “Give her her son back, all three of them!”

So, as this family cries and their hearts are broken, as their dreams are shattered, as they struggle to live their daily life, I sit here, watching my two boys laughing, tears running down my face, questioning God and karma and all those things… for there is no greater tragedy than losing a child. Losing three of them must be devastating.

There’s nothing we can do to ease their pain, but we can wrap them in love and lift them up. If you would like to find out more or learn about ways to help, visit Pray for Kaden Facebook page or donate via Pray for Kaden YouCaring site.

Please hug your kids a little tighter today and send a thought or a prayer to The Stone Family – Diana, Sam, their daughter Bella, and their 3 angel sons, Preston, Julian and Kaden.

One day your mommy will hold you in her arms and she will never have to let go again. Until then, rest in peace, precious boys.

Diana Stone Hormonal Imbalances


Image source: Diana’s Facebook

4 thoughts on “Brokenhearted

  1. Oh god that’s heartbreaking 😦 I can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through. Off to hug my daughter very tight. Sending them loving thoughts x

  2. This is just tragic. From experience, the sadness does subside, but it’s never forgotten. It’s a horrible and unthinkable thing to have your baby die. I don’t know why God allows it to happen, but it does. I’ve stopped asking that question because it’ll never make sense. I feel for this mommy. Sending love and comfort and hugs her way.

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