100 sales … let’s celebrate!

Thursday was a big day – a very nice lady from NYC made 100th purchase in my {Peacock’s Craft Heart} handmade shop on Etsy. It was a custom order – a large minky blanket/tummy time play mat (40″ x 40″) with 4 corner loops in this adorable {friends in woodlands} print by Michael Miller. Who knew… a year ago when I started selling my handmade blankets I had no idea if anyone would even care. And here I am now, one year later, celebrating my 100th Etsy sale. Do I deserve a glass of vino blanco? I believe so. And I think my 100th customer deserves the same but it just feels wrong sending my customer any kind of booze along with a baby item… so I made her a travel-size organic washcloth instead … in another equally cute {hedgehog} print by Michael Miller. I have to say I admire every single one of my customers because it shows they care – they care for the impact they make and they care for style. They go out of their way and perform an exhausting search on Etsy instead of conveniently walking into a department store and paying less. So why do they turn to the handmade market? Because they don’t want yet another mass-produced pink or blue blanket from a factory in China. They want something unique. Something that has a heart. And I love them for that. And I love to give back.  I donate 5% from the sale of each {PCH} item to 3 children’s charities close to my heart: To Love A Child helping orphans in Haiti, Jake’s Help From Heaven supporting individuals with multiple medical challenges and disabilities, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fighting cancer and saving children’s lives every day. Last year I was able to donate $150 and it felt great. Thank you for supporting the handmade community and these amazing organizations. Cheers!

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