Put a name on it – 10 handmade ways to creatively personalize your children’s space

Pregnancy – 9 beautiful months of carrying new life, a true miracle. And also 9 months of sleepless nights trying to come up with the perfect name, then trying to win the battle with your husband who has just completely lost his mind and keeps suggesting insane names inspired by childhood comics magazines and Greek mythology movies, then biting your nails over who is going to win the name war – because, let’s face it, whatever goes on that birth certificate is what he or she will be stuck with forever. So you keep frantically searching the internet, buying baby name books and magazines, desperately trying to come up with the perfect name. You finally got it. Not for long – here comes your husband crushing your dream with yet another superhero-inspired nonsense. You fight through this nasty battle until you both give up and settle on picking a few favorites and decide to choose the right one once the little one appears (because it will be easier then). It won’t be … but he will be feeling sorry for you – all the pain you had to go through to bring this little one into the world. He will feel ultra bad fighting the name battle now when your legs are still shaking and sweat is dripping down your forehead, so he’ll let you pick – you deserve it. You won. You have finally conquered the name-making monster, your beloved husband. Hell yeah you want to celebrate a triumph like that by blasting the name to the whole world and no one can blame you if you want to display the name in the baby’s bedroom (or any other room in your house). While you do that, proceed with caution and avoid tacky and average stuff. I gathered 10 handmade ideas on how to creatively personalize your child’s space. You might want to run it by your husband before you make the purchase, but then again, who would trust his taste at this point – after all, it was him who suggested your son’s name should be Zeus.

{embroidered hoop}

I’m very into embroidered hoops right now – this Custom Baby Name Embroidered Wall Art Hoop by Merriweather Council is a winner.

{fabric art}

I adore this Personalized Fabric Name by Polka Dot Sundays. I love everything about it, it’s adorable.

{photography art}

Those of you who love to look at the world through a camera lens might appreciate this Alphabet Art Photography by Alphabet Art Photos. Very artistic.

{eye exam}

If you’re looking for something unique and fun, try this Personalized Eye Exam Print by Frilly Chilidesign. It’s affordabe and easy to frame.

{fun and playful}

Speaking of affordable and easy to frame, you might want to check out this playful Personalized Custom Children’s Name Art Print by Loopz Art. The little animals are so cute.

{shabby chic wood sign}

I love this Custom Name Wood Sign by Homegrown – love the shabby chic finish. And it’s made out of recycled wood – perfect!

{wall decal}

Decals are super popular for their easy application. They are also easy to remove when you get tired of them or when you are moving out (they leave no marks – perfect for renters). This Personalized Wall Decal by Household Words is a simple way to let everyone know who’s sleeping in that crib.

{colorful canvas}

This Personalized Children’s Name Canvas by The Apple’s Bee is simple and clean, yet cheerful and colorful enough to add a pop of color to white walls.

{wooden blocks}

Some of you might be looking for something more mellow, something that can calmly sit on a book shelf, waiting to be spotted by a detail-oriented eye – in that case, check out these Personalized Wooden Blocks by The Haute Shoppe. Lovely.

{felt garland}

And my last pick of the day is one of my creations – Personalized Felt Garland from luxuriously thick European heathered wool felt.

And this was one of my custom orders…


Pictures via links provided in above descriptions.

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